Right brain business plan facilitator evaluation

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Right Brain Business Plan Reviews

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The Right-Brain Business Plan®: Turn Your Passion into Profit

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To be a good facilitator requires along process of practice, evaluation, and critical self-reflection. Emphasise, that in this context, no mistake is a bad mistake, as long as one is prepared to learn from it.

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Right Brain Left Brain Test. A simple hemispheric dominance test created for late high school and college-aged students by Middle Tennessee State University allows students to see a summary that describes their dominance type along with a guide on how to use the information to improve the student’s study techniques.

Lead from your heart—and your strengths

Another, similar test is offered by Intelegen, Inc. The Right Brain Business Plan has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs do just that.

Left Brain Vs. Right Brain Teaching Techniques

Through creative and visual ways. Through creative and visual ways. Check out some of our offerings below and make sure to grab your free 7-day mini course.

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Right brain business plan facilitator evaluation
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The Right-Brain Business Plan®: Turn Your Passion into Profit